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Best Smart Money Concept Full Course In Hindi

Best Smart Money Concept Full Course In Hindi

The most Traders who get trapped by the market are the Price Action Trading Concept, Why It Happens ?

Still very few people know about the institutional market truth that  the Price Action Concept are developed by Institutions, hedge funds and Big Companies so that the new beginners and innocent traders use the price action patterns and lose all their money


is understanding the behavior of institutional players, such as banks and hedge funds, and analyzing supply and demand dynamics, order blocks, and price patterns

Why Smart Money Concept Is The Need To Learn By Every Beginners & Retail Traders ?

The ultimate goal of learning Smart Money is nothing but the ability to identify liquidity in the market. Smart Money is one of the most modern methods of technical analysis in financial markets. Learning Smart Money requires a basic understanding of the supply and demand concept.

The Institutions Don't Want Retail & Beginners To Understand The Concept Of Smart Money including Liquidity Trapping Into The Market. 

Many Times You have realized that market hit your Stop Loss and Moved Into Your Target Directions, Why and these Happens, We assume that Broker is doing misbehave with us but actually This Is The Way How Market Move Exactly.

There is no any problem into the market but the issue is that Beginners don't able to understand what is actually happening and why market moving in this way , Why it try to get Traders Stop Loss and Move In Trader's Planned Directions ?

What Is Smart Money Concept Trading Strategy ?

The SMC Forex trading strategy is the latest approach to the price action strategy. Smart money concepts trading as it is called, uses replacements for legacy terminology such as supply and demand, support and resistance and price patterns.

Its concept is that institutional investors, central banks, hedge funds and market makers manipulate financial markets to the detriment of retail traders. The concept says that retail traders should follow the trades of these institutions instead of trading against them.

Is Smart Money Trading Concept Profitable ?

Smart money is believed to have a greater chance of success as institutional investors are believed to have better investment strategies that deviate from those of retail investors. Smart money can also move markets with size and force when it is controlled by central banks.

SMC Develop a solid trading strategy: The foundation of profitable SMC trading is a well-designed trading strategy. This involves understanding market trends, identifying profitable entry and exit points, and automating your trading algorithms to respond to changing market conditions

How Does Smart Money Trading Concept Works ?

Smart Money Concepts is the Combination of Key level strategy and Traditional Supply Demand with Market structure to optimize win rate, reward per risk ration and help trader to control emotion better.


What Is The Benefits Of Smart Money Concept Trading Strategy ?

One of the reasons why the smart money concept has gained popularity is the belief that these institutional investors have the ability to move the market. Traders who follow their lead attempt to identify the patterns and trends in their buying and selling activities to gain an edge in their own trading strategies

 The Smart Money Concept has proven to be a valuable tool for many traders. It provides a unique perspective on market dynamics, helping traders make informed decisions. Those who have found success with SMC argue that if it works for them, and there's no reason not to use it

1-Improving Reward per Risk ratio. 

2-Improving Win rate. 

3-Low drawdown in trading to take trading funds challenge. 

4-Strongly believe to set limit order and take a rest.

5-Easy Understanding Of Trading Strategy

Components Of Smart Money Concept Trading Strategy ?

  • -> Order block: The order block is simply a replacement for the supply or demand an asset experiences.
  • Order blocks refer to specific price areas where large market participants such as institutional traders have previously placed significant buy or sell orders

  • ->Imbalance
  • Trading imbalance, also known as an order imbalance, means the absence of balance between buying and selling orders
  • continuation patterns
  • ->BOS(Break Of Structure)
  • Break of structure forms in the direction of the trend creating 

  • ->CHOCH(Change Of Character)
  • One of the key concepts that successful traders in the highly volatile forex market often use to gain insights into potential reversals is the “Change of Character” (ChoCh). A Change of Character, abbreviated as ChoCh, essentially signifies the initial shift in order flow within a financial market.

  • ->Liquidity Sweeps 
  • Liquidity sweeps are a fundamental concept in the realm of financial markets, often playing a pivotal role in influencing market dynamics. Liquidity sweeps are part of viewing the market as an institutional playfield and can be perfectly underlined with Wicks

  • ->Order Flow
  • Order flow trading is the process of analysing the flow of trades being placed by other traders on a specific market. This is done by watching the Order Book and also footprint charts

  • ->Mitigation blocks
  • Mitigation blocks, also known as hedging, are a risk management tool used in the forex market. It is a strategy that involves opening another position to offset the risk of an existing position.

  • ->Fair value gaps
  • Fair Value Gaps represent a kind of anomaly, an imbalance in the market, a situation where the price has deviated from fair value

  • ->Risk management
  • Learn how to minimize losses, manage emotions, and use hedging and diversification strategies to reduce the risks involved in trading.

  • ->Profit maximization
  • Profit maximization is a process to identify the most efficient manner to increase profits. It involves finding the price and output level that returns the maximum profit.

  • ->Identifying Smart Money moves
  • Volume Analysis: One way to identify smart money moves is through volume analysis. Smart money traders typically have large trading volumes, which can create noticeable spikes in trading activity. By monitoring trading volume, you can identify when the smart money is entering or exiting a position.

  • ->Market entry and exit points
  • When To Take Entry & What should be the calculated Stop Loss & Target Levels


Pros & Cons Of Smart Money Concept Trading Strategy


-> Pros of SMC include its potential effectiveness for some traders

->A foundation in price action, and its application for understanding market behavior

-> High Reward Trading Strategy


->cons include speculative elements and unreliable information shared by major institutions

->complex terminology

->Need More Practice

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